Trisha Vartak

Thank you for all the amazing work you do with the stray animals in Mangalore, can’t thank you enough for looking after the puppy’s mum and the other three dogs after their ops. Keep up the good work.

Edith Piaf

I was very troubled finding small injured dog and two suckling puppies. Upon informing the founder ,Charles, he kindly travelled to see the dogs and sorted to the best if his ability. I am forever grateful.

Lester Sequeira

Thanks animal care trust. Touseef Ahmed quickly acted on our call and lifted the wounded puppy near empire mall. To day morning while going for walk we found the puppy in critical condition,probably met with vehicle accident.

Aneesha Sameer

Animal care trust, is a shelter for Animals who need immediate first aid and a hospital for sick animals.
The volunteers work day and night for the betterment of the sick animals, in reuniting lost pet's with thier owners. 

Tapasya Bhaskar

You guys are amazing. Thanks for all your work. Really appreciate your hard work.

Tauseef Ahmed

What do I say, this is basically my second home. Love being a part of this organization. The dedication of the entire team just keeps you on your toes to do better than yesterday. 

Roche Loy Mel

Thanks summa Nayak and her team for helping a Brown dog today. All I could do was inform u all about this dog which was hit by a vehicle unfortunately. Thanks a lot. May God bless u all for ur selfless services to all animals.

Lavender D'Silva

Proud of all the great work being done! God bless u all